Official statement regarding "Blue Smoke"


'Blue Smoke' is an original painting created using colored crayons on a cloth canvas. I created it in France, in 1999. Its approximate size is 200x300 cm.

In 2000, based on an oral agreement, Ms. Marina Janashia started working upon my order on a copy of "Blue Smoke" using tapestry technique.Based on her account its copy was completed in May 2010.

However, I have not received completed tapestry version of my work. As a matter of fact, I do not even know its present location.

There were several attempts to reach an agreement with Ms. Marina Janashia but those negotiations did not yield any results.     

Taking into consideration the above mentioned situation I officially declare the tapestry created by Ms. Marina Janashia as a questionable object and as an obscure copy of my original painting. 

Certificate of authenticity is compulsory for any authentic work, especially for tapestry. I will issue such a document only in case if I get to see and examine in detail the final version of the tapestry of my painting and reach an official agreement with Ms. Marina Janashia regarding all disputed issues.